Information Security and Privacy

BTA Plus ensures the Confidentiality, the Compliance and the Integrity of Customers' Data sent via Internet, E-mail, Phone and Fax by appropriate backup and encryption to the sensitivity of the information. We want to strengthen your trust in our Internet Service and Online Registration and use of your information. We use reliable and generally accepted measures to protect your information against unauthorized access, misuse and loss of data used on our Website, sent E-mails and Online Registrations.

Information Utilization

We not selling and we not renting your information submitted to us.Your information is only available to employees managing this information in order to contact you, to send you email and respond to your request for assistance, training or consulting.

Training Registration and Online Confirmation

An Online Training Registration is done by internet by completing all sections of the Web Registration Form. A training registration can be done by phone or fax by sending registration form. A training invoice and confirmation of the training registration is send to the participant by e-mail. The payment is due by cheque before the training.

There is no cancellation and no refund 20 business days before the training date. When a registered participant cannot participate on the training, he is re-registered for the next available training or his delegate participate on the training in his place.

Receive, Change, Forward and Opt-Out Email

Each BTA Plus Training Invitation sent by e-mail contains a section "Contact" to Opt-out your e-mail, to Opt-in your email, to change your coordinates, or to refer the Invitation to appropriate person. Simply reply to us with the applicable subject: "remove", "change" or "forward". Consistantly with our anti-span policy, if you receive non-solicited redirected e-mail or e-mail by error, please send us an e-mail request for Opt-Out.

Legal Disclaimer

The content of website pages and emails is reliable and informative, and by providing the content, BTA Plus does not assume any liability and claims.

Intellectual Property Copyright

All website pages, web applications, graphic arts, logos, text, scripts, programs, web forms, HTML/CSS edit and configuration are copyrighted and protected, by Intellectual Property Copyright laws in Canada.

Availability, Conformity, Integrity

BTA Plus Web is 100% Conform to HTML5/CSS3 W3C standards. All Web Pages are optimized to 100% Seo Score according to the Web Seo Analytics. The website is available online 24/7/365 and it is optimized for the major Internet Browsers Firefox, Chrome, Explorer, Safari and Opera. BTA Plus Web has won twice the prestigious "Platinum Web Award" for the advancement of creative design, usability and information to visitors.
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